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Male swimwear – which one is your favorite?

Matt Watts in different types of male swimwears

Amazing male model Matt Watts is posing in front of the camera in many different types of male swimwear. He is a very hot hunk. I think that the best option for him is wearing nothing. Lovely hairy chest! Standard weekday with Rosie #brusselsgriffon #malemodel #onset???? #undies #chrome #sanfrancisco #sandboxstudios A post shared by...

Naked chef from Peru Franco Noriega

Naked chef from Peru Franco Noriega

Franco Noriega is the world’s sexiest naked chef who cooks in underwear. He has become an¬†Internet star with many followers on social networks where he usually posts his cooking tips. His latest video showing him almost naked and with only boxer shorts on has gone viral. Mostly comments are focused on his hot and...